Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-12-30T21:21:47-08:00
I have an audio file that needs to be transcribed, but we cannot hear it too well. Can you improve the sound?2022-12-30T21:00:20-08:00

In most cases, we can improve the audio by running a few filters and enhancing the quality.

Do you edit video and audio?2022-12-30T21:19:43-08:00

Yes, we do.  Whether they are video composites, depositions or surveillance videos, our professional techs can address your needs.  Just contact us to discuss your project.

Do you charge for delivery and setup of equipment at Court?2022-12-30T20:59:31-08:00

Yes we do. For a quote, please reach out.

What is the difference between PowerPoint and TrialDirector?2022-12-30T21:28:33-08:00

Microsoft’s PowerPoint is a presentation program that is more linear (pre-scripted in a certain order) whereas TrialDirector is a non-linear presentation program, calling any demonstrative at any time.

Do you extract surveillance videos from players?2022-12-30T21:26:52-08:00

Yes, we do.  We can either go to the location once we determine the make and model of the system or have the system delivered to our shop.

I have a large case that requires multiple monitors and sources during trial. Are you able to recommend and facilitate this type of setup?2022-12-30T19:53:18-08:00

Absolutely.  We have provided equipment for very extensive trials with voluminous exhibits as well as a multitude of video presentations.

Can you set up my trial with presentation equipment?2022-12-30T21:30:29-08:00

Yes. We can set up and pick up trail presentation equipment for you.

I have some important texts, photos, and videos on a mobile device. Can you extract these for my case?2022-12-30T21:00:03-08:00

Yes, we can.  We will need power cords and any necessary passwords to get into your device for the extraction.

Do you offer free consultations?2022-12-30T19:52:04-08:00

yes we do and the best way to get started is to send us an email via our contact page with what you have going on and what you need help with.

I need a presenter to play back clips and display exhibits during my case in trial. Do you do that?2022-12-30T19:54:35-08:00

Yes, we do.  Just give us a call and our hot seat presenter/tech will advise you on how to get things started.

What kind of services do you provide with respect to Mock jury presentations?2022-12-30T21:27:32-08:00

We are accustomed to working directly with you or your jury consultant.  We can produce all your video excerpts that may be required to play to the mock jury. We also provide all the equipment and technician that will be needed for any necessary playback.

What kind of litigation support firm are we?2022-12-30T21:29:08-08:00

We deal with every aspect of developing your case evidence.  From shooting depositions, producing clips, settlement videos to preparing and loading your exhibits, video excerpt and demonstratives into our laptops for our hot seat presenters to display in Court.

Can you host a remote Deposition?2022-12-30T21:29:36-08:00

Yes, though we have worked with countless reporting agencies, we have our own host key.  You can continue to use your favorite Court reporter.  We will produce the video recording of the witness and synchronize it to the transcript after the conclusion of the deposition.

Do you enhance surveillance footage?2022-12-30T21:23:35-08:00

Yes, we do. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Can you clean up a surveillance video for me?2022-12-30T21:30:17-08:00

We sure can and this is actually a speciality of our. To get started send us an email via our contact page.

I have a need to document a property dispute and boundary issues using aerial footage. Do you provide a drone and pilot?2022-12-30T21:27:58-08:00

Yes, we do.  Our drone pilot is a certified pilot and can provide aerial footage, stills and 360 panoramic views.

Do you synchronize deposition transcripts with Video?2022-12-30T21:09:39-08:00

Yes, we create a DVT (Digital Video Transcript) which is an IPRO product (formerly InData).

Do you produce PowerPoint slides with videos excerpts included?2022-12-30T21:27:05-08:00

Yes.  We can produce your PowerPoint from the ground up.  All we require are your outline and any assets you would like to include (photos, graphs, maps, videos).

When do you normally install equipment into the Court?2022-12-30T19:52:36-08:00

We normally like to install the equipment on a Friday (usually after the Final Conference hearing or Trial Readiness hearing).  We will call the Court and ask for the appropriate time in the early afternoon.

I understand that you produce videos, but do you also produce stills?2022-12-30T21:27:45-08:00

Yes, we produce stills from Video cams, frame grabs, mobile phones as well as from our photographer’s cameras.

What is considered a standard setup in the San Diego Courthouse?2022-12-30T19:53:54-08:00

A standard setup usually consists of a projector on a stand, a digital Elmo (visual Presenter) on a cart and a speaker which are usually integrated with a laptop computer.

Can you convert old VHS tapes to MPEG4 or WMV files?2022-12-30T21:00:36-08:00

Yes, we can.

What kind of “site Inspections” do you do?2022-12-30T21:28:10-08:00

We performed countless inspection recordings of the following: fire and flood damage, vehicle wrecks, destructive testing, construction defects, blasting sites, residence homes, owner’s collectables, trains, planes, factories, mold remediations, crime scenes, evidence and many more.

Do you rent out equipment for trial?2022-12-30T21:28:57-08:00

Yes. We rent, deliver and set-up various equipment used in trial. This includes visual presenters (Elmo), carts, stands, projectors and various sizes of monitors to name a few.

Do you provide trial support for both State and Federal courts?2022-12-30T20:59:45-08:00

Yes, we are very familiar with the courts and how to integrate various equipment with their present technology.

I have a video file that is in file that my computer will not open. Can you convert the video to an easier playable format.2022-12-30T21:00:50-08:00

Yes, we receive many uncommon files that require conversion.

What kind of trial software does your hotseat presenter use in Court?2022-12-30T19:21:28-08:00

We use Trial Director 360 which is loaded into our fast laptops to facilitate presentations of exhibits and video clips during trial.

Do you work with court reporting firms nationally?2022-12-30T21:29:21-08:00

Yes, we do.  We have provided in person and virtual video technicians, working with a multitude of Court Reporting Agencies throughout the nation as well as directly for many law firms and solo practitioners over the years.

I plan to use my own laptop and present some video excerpts of various witnesses for impeachment and for in Lieu of live testimony. Can you provide that?2022-12-30T19:18:44-08:00

Yes, we can do this.  All we require is a synched transcript (a DVT) and a page line designation for each witness. 

How do I contact you regarding setting up a videographer or virtual technician for a deposition?2022-12-30T21:29:44-08:00

You can contact us by going to our website homepage and filling in your request or you can contact us directly by phone at (619) 297-6113.   

What kind of videos do you produce?2022-12-30T21:28:44-08:00

We are a full fledge video production company specializing in recording, compositing, editing, and enhancing videos for litigation purposes. Some of the videos we produce are depositions, site inspections, day in the life and settlement along with demonstrative videos.

I’d like to rent your equipment but want to run it myself. Do you provide instructions on how to properly use it?2022-12-30T19:53:37-08:00

Certainly, we normally provide quick instructional training during the time the equipment is brought into court or at some time prior to the commencement of trial.  We can also provide an instruction sheet for you.

Can I continue to use my favorite reporting agency and use your services in recording the deposition in person or virtually?2022-12-30T21:29:53-08:00

Yes, we do this all the time. We can also produce a synched deposition at a lower cost than most reporting agencies. Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Are you able to capture aerial images?2022-12-30T21:30:05-08:00

Yes. We have a FFA licensed Part 107  remote pilot on staff and can capture aerial photography, aerial video & aerial 360 Images.

What is a settlement video?2022-12-30T21:27:18-08:00

It is a video that is usually used for mediation or settlement purposes. It is normally comprised of a day in the life video, therapy sessions, interviews of family members, friends, various experts, and doctors.  Excerpts of family footage and photos are also included, and a twelve to eighteen minutes video composite is then produced along with a narrative.

What other audio video equipment do you provide for trial?2022-12-30T19:52:57-08:00

We provide laptops, monitors, HDMI/VGA switches, HDMI/VGA splitters, Distribution Amps, TV monitors, Anchor Speakers, Visual Presenters (Elmo), Presenter’s table, Carts, Stands, and more. 

What is a day in the life video?2022-12-30T21:28:21-08:00

It is a key piece of evidence. A vivid and compelling video documentation of your client’s hardships due to the personal injuries sustained.  It takes you through his/her daily routines and dynamics of performing ordinary tasks while showing your client in detail of their pain and suffering resulting from the accident.

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