Trial Support

Our trial team has been in the trenches with legal professionals for over 40 years. The expert assistance that we provide through the entire litigation process come from years of working in every aspect of cases, both large and small.

Like A In-House Trial Team But BETTER!

Our seasoned hot seat presenter has logged in over thousands of hours in performing pre-trial work, presenting quick annotations to demonstratives, transcripts, and videos for trials venue in both federal and state courts. By joining your trial team, you will be put at ease with our experts ensuring the art of communication through use of court room technology.
Providing technical and creative solutions to communicate a complex case to a jury can be difficult without the right professional to assist you. Our team understands what works and what does not. They will identify your goal, desire, or challenge than formulate, and suggest solutions drawn from their vast experiences from successful presentations of facts and demonstratives displayed in past difficult cases.
Not all “hot seat” presenters may be skilled in the technical make up and setup of a Courtroom. It is essential to have a professional technician integrated in your presenter. Our team is highly skilled in the schematic setup, integration, and installation of all the technical components required to maintain, update, and run audio visual equipment in your next trial.
Trial Support

Our Trial Support Services

Trial Preparation

Trial Preparation is key to a smooth and successful operation of presenting your key documents, videos, and demonstratives during trial.

Trial Support

Trial Director

Using Trial Director in your next case will give you an edge in presenting your evidence in a clear, concise manner the jury can follow and easily comprehend

Trial Director

In-Person Depositions

Professional Videography In-Person. We provide trial ready synchronized videos.

Video Depositions

Remote Video Depositions

Our remote technicians are experienced and readily available for your next deposition. What better way to trim litigation costs and increase efficiency?

Trial Equipment Rental

State of the Art – Tested projectors, ELMOs, monitors, and laptop computer ready for rental, delivery and setup.


Trial Graphics

Producing the right graphic makes a world of difference in assisting the Jury to understand the elements of a case.

Site Inspections

Use our Professional and experienced technicians on your next inspection or video documentation for your case.

Site Inspections

A/V Technician

Our seasoned technicians keep their finger on the pulse of technology when it comes to audio video equipment!

AV Tech

Let’s Make Things Happen

If you have questions about a current case or trying to prep for the next one, we are always here to help.

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