Seacoast began over 40 years ago as a specialist in legal video. Over the years, Seacoast has performed countless depositions for our many legal partners in both local and distant locations. Today, we continue the Seacoast tradition of excellence with our professional and courteous videographers, unrivaled experience, and full service production support. With the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic and the need for cautionary measures, countless “virtual depositions” were on the rise, thus becoming the new normal in taking and recording a deposition. Included with our having a professional in-person videographers and participants on site, Seacoast understands concerns for safety and responds with the virtual technology required and the work flow in recording and producing a trial ready synched video deposition for its clients.

Request Seacoast for your next Video Deposition

Eliminate the middleman. Court reporting companies often rely on outside vendors to supplement their own in-house staff. Requesting Seacoast videographers ensures that you have the best crew working for you with nothing left to chance. Why pay more when you can go straight to the source?  Seacoast has it’s own virtual host mode account along with cloud and local recording measures. This means you are not paying any extra fees as other agencies would charge. Request Seacoast and stay on track!

High Definition Video Available for your Video Deposition

For clients that desire playback at higher quality than standard format, Seacoast offers high definition video depositions and production. Video files are produced in mpeg 4 file format for optimal quality and compatibility. When you need the highest quality level, try Seacoast high definition depositions and digital video transcripts.

Deposition Videographers and Virtual Technicians:

Seacoast’s videographers take pride in their job and are at the top of the field when it comes to experience and professionalism. They are regularly in the field performing at the highest industry standards with a long and proven track record of excellence. Our virtual technicians and in-house deposition videographers are fully trained in CLVS standards and procedures and are not just “Shooters”, but talented videographers with advanced education and skills in video post-production. They also work closely with all council and court reporters to ensure they are comfortable with the system and provide technical support when needed.

Video Deposition Conferencing Available:

We offer “on location” video conferencing services for In Lieu Of testimony, and/or non-local participants. We can tie into existing video systems or provide monitoring. A Seacoast technician can remain on-site for the duration of the conference if needed for technical assistance.

Closed Circuit Video Deposition:

Seacoast can provide room to room hookups for live monitoring and observations, contentious circumstances, depositions involving parties with privacy needs and concerns with exposure and identity or minor and observations. Seacoast can provide closed circuit, room to room hookups for live monitoring and observations.  Whether you have a contentious circumstance, a deposition involving parties with privacy needs, concerns with exposure and identity of a minor or a focus group deliberating on a case presentation, Seacoast is available to provide a smooth and efficient monitoring system for any type of these venues.


We use top quality components in all our deposition systems. We stay on the pulse in the video world by taking advantage of new advances in camera, pro-audio, and recording equipment. We offer video in both standard and high-definition from quality Panasonic HD cameras.  We can provide on-site digital audio or .wav file recordings to for quick transcribing.

Post Production:

Duplication’s/Conversions – We can provide disc copies of the deposition on DVD, electronically delivered or on SDD or Flash Drives. Converting to alternate file formats in standard and HD including mpeg 1, 2 and 4 is no problem. Our videographers will inquire at the time of the deposition and provide efficient turn around for your order.

Synchronized or Digital Video Transcript (DVT) – Seacoast can “sync” your deposition video with the transcript and provide you with a Digital Video Transcript DVD. Reviewing your depositions could not be easier than with the convenient player that will not only allow you to click on any line of transcript for immediate access, but also create video clips and export them in MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4 file formats. The export can also create subtitle files and include them for each and every clip cut. DVTs are not only a cost effective way to review and produce excerpts but also provide quick and easy load up for various trial software which includes TrialDirector,  Summation, LiveNote and Sanction.

Digital Audio (.wav) Files – We offer fast turn-around for digital audio files so the transcription process can be started immediately. Often the files can be transferred to the court reporter’s system upon completion of the deposition. Get started quickly with Seacoast’s digital audio files.

Scheduling A Video Deposition:

Scheduling a virtual or in-person deposition with Seacoast is easy and convenient with our on-line service form. A Seacoast representative will call to confirm you needs within 24 hours. If you prefer, or have a rush, feel free to call in and schedule for your next deposition.

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