Post Production

We are a full-service post-production company offering an extensive list of services. No matter what the scope of the project, Seacoast’s creative technicians have the skill and talent to give your projects the fresh and professional look that it demands.

We Made The Cut With Our Post Production Team!

Our post production team possess a strong comprehension of catering to attorneys and their client’s case. Not only are they talented professionals with technical skills but are knowledgeable in customary practices and procedures of producing projects for litigation purposes.

We utilize the latest technology in all our processes which provides higher quality products and services, enhancing our client’s experience while improving productivity and efficiency.

Our established post-production process is critical to our company. We recognize the importance of providing a service to our clients in a cost effective and satisfactory way.

Post Production

Our Post Production Services

Transcript Synching

Whether you require synching transcripts or captions to a deposition video or any other video, we have you covered!

Transcript Synching

Photo Editing

Our trained photo editors work with the leading industry software, meeting your needs when it comes photo enhancements.

Video Editing

We understand the importance of storytelling using all the tools and skills required to connect us  through video.

Surveillance Enhancements

Looking to download or enhance a low resolution surveillance video? Why not contact Seacoast.

Surveillance Enhancements

Media Conversions

We are very accustomed in taking proprietary or legacy media files and converting them to a more modern or easy playable format.

Media Conversions


Do you require duplication of a particular media? Let our staff facilitate your media duplication needs.

Slide Shows

Presentation slide shows are very common, why not let the professionals at Seacoast produce that for you?

Color Correction

Our editors are ready to improve your footage with color correction techniques that is aesthetically pleasing for your viewers.

Video Capturing

Need a video captured from a streaming, news station, vid podcast or social media site? Our experienced technicians can produce that quickly and efficiently.

Video Capturing

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If you have questions about a current case or trying to prep for the next one, we are always here to help.

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