We have provided a variety of texts synchronized with various media throughout the years. A trial-ready deposition transcripts (also known as a DVT or Digital Video Transcript) is no different. Our procedures and quality check controls offers a no worries outcome when it comes time to hand over the DVT files to a technician who is loading it into Trial Director in preparation for trial. For those who prefer using standard MPEG 4 video files to play outside of Trial Director, no problem. We have produced countless video clips based on our client’s designations. Every one of them checked accordingly and verified to play seamlessly before sending it over to the client.

As a processor of media received from other companies, we are confident that our synching standards exceeds other competitors. Be reassured, you are in good-hands with our technicians at Seacoast. We as well as produce various captioning for a variety of media and, accident scene, or day in the life, our professional photographer will deliver the most effective images of your client’s story.

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