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What kind of litigation support firm are we?2022-12-30T21:29:08-08:00

We deal with every aspect of developing your case evidence.  From shooting depositions, producing clips, settlement videos to preparing and loading your exhibits, video excerpt and demonstratives into our laptops for our hot seat presenters to display in Court.

Do you work with court reporting firms nationally?2022-12-30T21:29:21-08:00

Yes, we do.  We have provided in person and virtual video technicians, working with a multitude of Court Reporting Agencies throughout the nation as well as directly for many law firms and solo practitioners over the years.

How do I contact you regarding setting up a videographer or virtual technician for a deposition?2022-12-30T21:29:44-08:00

You can contact us by going to our website homepage and filling in your request or you can contact us directly by phone at (619) 297-6113.   

Can I continue to use my favorite reporting agency and use your services in recording the deposition in person or virtually?2022-12-30T21:29:53-08:00

Yes, we do this all the time. We can also produce a synched deposition at a lower cost than most reporting agencies. Just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Do you offer free consultations?2022-12-30T19:52:04-08:00

yes we do and the best way to get started is to send us an email via our contact page with what you have going on and what you need help with.