Digital surveillance video systems have become a common utility for many institutions and can provide valuable information that can help in some circumstances to make or break a case. Seacoast’s expert video technicians work regularly with surveillance video from a wide variety of sources and can provide solutions to help with reviewing and preparing your video evidence for trial. Whether you are looking to enhance a portion of the video or add a motion blur to private citizens or sensitive information, Seacoast uses professional capture software and lossless video codecs for acquiring video at the highest quality level. Our enhancements are performed using some of the industry’s most powerful video correction software and image filtering systems. We convert the video to a high quality, compatible format that will work well with your systems and software.

Authenticating and Downloading Footage from Security Systems:

Surveillance videos are sometimes provided on disc as a set of files and folders produced from the manufacturer’s security system software. Seacoast can remove the hassle of reviewing surveillance video with these proprietary systems that can be difficult and frustrating to work with. Providing copies for your team, opposing council or the court won’t result in your having to provide a list of instructions for everyone that needs to review the video. You can depend on Seacoast to extract that footage required from a security system and convert your video to high quality, compatible formats that will perfectly suit your presentation needs.

Problems with Playback:

Security systems manufacturers use their own proprietary encoding to provide a level of protection for the surveillance being generated by their systems. Seacoast often receives video that has a variety of playback problems or that won’t play at all. Our expert video technicians are skilled at working with industry specific video encoding and have had great success in resolving these issues. If you have a problematic video file that is not playing correctly, Seacoast can provide the expertise to get things up and running.

Poor Video Quality:

Seacoast utilizes some of the most powerful software for image correction, combined with years of experience working with video and still enhancements to achieve the best visual quality for your surveillance video and stills. We can correct a range of quality issues common to surveillance videos:

  • Undefined/Blurry Imagery
  • Dark or Blown-out imagery
  • Distant Object or Poorly Framed Area of Focus
  • Low Resolution/Image pixelization

Let Seacoast help you to get the best results from your surveillance video. Call for a free initial consultation and to find out more about Seacoast’s surveillance conversions and enhancements.

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