Benefiting from using remote deposition cloud-based platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and others, are effective solutions when it comes to an attorney or and expert considering the costs and time associated with travel a distance to a deposition. Remote depositions provide convenience, consolidation, and efficient use of time. The convenience of participating in a remote deposition from home is considered less stressful and more relaxing since they are in familiar and comfortable settings. Another benefit for remote depositions is allowing the quick and easy display of exhibits, and transcripts, are in one place eliminating the need for faxes, and e-mails. More importantly, virtual depositions allow attorneys to be more efficient and productive by attending more meeting during the day. This means their clients benefits form this as well.

Having an experienced technician running and recording through the virtual platform is critical for a smooth and successful recording of testimony. Our well-trained virtual technicians understand the virtual platform and issues that may arise causing drawbacks. Some include internet latency, poor connectivity, audio, and video. Seacoast technicians take very step prior to the commencement of the scheduled deposition to ensure the recording of the witness is clear in video as well as audio.

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