Our trial presenters aka “hot seat” technicians have the experience you can depend on for a successful presentation. Countless hours in court have provided our technicians with the experience necessary to anticipate your needs. In using our preferred trial software, Trial Director, we will service your needs diligently with your team to plan your strategies and implementations for exhibits including side-by-side comparisons, custom annotations, “call-outs” magnification, synced A/V transcripts, and integration of media from a wide variety of sources. In addition, we can create custom workbooks for opening and closing arguments or witness workbooks for impeachment purposes so that your exhibits are in an orderly fashion and instantly available. At any time during trial, we can produce exhibit reports, clip reports, and copies for efficient retrieval and reviewing of exhibits and clip designations. Seacoast offers comprehensive pre-trial preparation and Trial Director presentation services with full-service support from start to finish.

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