What are the benefits of using Seacoast Equipment Rentals for my presentation equipment needs?

  • Seacoast’s technicians have years of experience coordinating equipment installations for cases in San Diego and neighboring counties.
  • Seacoast offers great pricing with free local delivery and setup in addition to long-term discount packages.
  • Full range high definition video capabilities including the latest Windows based laptops, Blu-ray players, HD flat panel TV’s, and HD digital projectors.

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Seacoast has offered equipment rentals & performed installations for many cases over the years, covering every legal venue both small and large. We can cater to your specific requirements making sure you get the best possible results from all of your exhibits including:

  • Documents
  • B/W and Color Photos
  • X-Rays/Negatives/Transparencie
  • Exhibit Boards
  • VHS/DVD/Blue-Ray
  • Standard and High-Definition Video
  • Digital Audio File

We use the highest quality components:

  • Standard and High Definition Digital Projectors
  • Analog and Digital/HD Visual Presenters (Elmo)
  • Standard and High Definition Monitors
  • Professional Audio Systems
  • Retractable Projection Screen (5’x6’ and 7’x8’)
  • LCD/LED Flat Panel televisions (26”/37”/46”/55”)
  • Switchers/Multiplier/DA (Distribution Amplifier)
  • Privacy Switching
  • VHS/DVD/Blue-ray players
  • Apollo Multimedia Carts
  • Presenter Table/Mobile Desk
  • X-Ray Box
  • Easels
  • Professional Cabling and Accessories
  • Apple computer integration upon request

Equipment Planning

Having the right equipment can make a big difference in the quality of your exhibits and maintaining a seamless presentation.  Seacoast works closely with our clients to ascertain their needs and match them with the right system for their presentation.  During initial consultation, we can assist in determining what equipment will best suite your specific requirements. For larger, complex systems, we take this a step further, providing layout diagrams of your equipment to ensure that all necessities are met within your team. In addition, Seacoast will handle all scheduling with the courts, conference center, mediation.


Seacoast professional technicians will be on-site performing the setup at the proper date and time. All of our installations are built cleanly with no exposed floor runs to trip over or unsightly tangled nests of cabling to sort through. We fully test every system build both in-house and on-site and work with you to fine tune the system for your particular exhibits. We can also work with personnel to integrate your system with any pre-existing installations already on-site. We take every step to ensure that your system is hassle free and easy to operate.


We provide training services on all of our systems either at our facility or on-site. We can provide either full training or just a refresher if it’s been awhile. If you are going out of town with equipment and performing a basic setup on your own, we can assist you in getting prepared. We make sure that you are up to speed and comfortable with all aspects of operating your setup.

Technical Support

Seacoast is there to support you for the entire duration of your presentation. If you need to make changes to your existing setup or have a technical emergency, we are ready to assist you quickly and professionally. We are located near downtown San Diego and provide close area support for all downtown courthouses. For any of the surrounding areas, we provide same day support, usually within an hour.

Presenter’s Laptop:

Seacoast maintains laptops fully equipped with all the software you will need to present including Trial Director, Microsoft Office Suite, and all the current players and codecs for presenting media from a wide variety of formats. We can customize your system as well to accommodate special media or software needs. All of our laptops are fast, i7 chipset, Windows 7 machines that are kept clean, updated, and ready to present. Whether you have a technical emergency and need a new system quickly, want to get familiar with trial presentation, or just want the support, we have a system available when you need it.

We look forward to working with you on your next trial!

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