Aerial photography has come a long way from the days of hiring pilots to fly just to take aerial photos, something very costly and time consuming. It is no longer about shooting from planes and helicopters. Since remote controlled drones have come on the scene, it has become a popular tool to take photos and videos from high above the ground or from inside of a commercial building or residence. With aerial photography, you can document a unique perspective capturing images used in commercial and recreational purposes. It is no different for the legal industry. Our trained and certified drone pilot understands the importance of providing photos, videos as well as 360 images for site inspections which include housing developments, blast sites, construction sites, burn sites, disaster areas, waterfront properties and more. Drone photography is a cost-effective technology that is a fraction of a manned aircraft, eliminating costs associated with fuel and time. We approach every aerial project with great care, with safety as our priority while operating the drones accordingly to the strict guidelines provided by the FAA.

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