A Day-In-The-Life Video Production takes jurors beyond their own experience. Let the jury see, hear, and believe that the plaintiff (as well as the plaintiff’s family) is having difficulty coping with the injury.

Day-in-the-Life videos are made with several issues in mind. A short, indirectly emotional and sensitive video is far more effective than a “poor me” video in which jurors see the plaintiff’s attorney as being manipulative. Try to show an injured plaintiff working hard to accomplish goals no matter how small, and always end with something upbeat.

Selecting specific areas of the plaintiff’s day will keep costs down and simplify the production process. Provide the jury with a concise ten to twenty minute video including variety in what the plaintiff is doing. The longer a juror is subjected to the same type of task; the risk is that the jury may view the plaintiff’s injuries and limitations with more acceptances.

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