Until more recently, green screen was reserved only for the Hollywood elite; however that is no longer the case. Green and white screens are a prevalent and powerful technique used to digitally replace the background with any video, image or special effects by shooting it against a blue, green or white screen. When done properly, you can’t tell that the background was never there. However, getting a good clean key can be a challenge.

Whether you are looking to produce a green screen shot for a million dollar feature film or for YouTube and Vimeo, rely on Seacoast’s well experienced staff to cover every aspect of what colors to use, proper lighting techniques, where to place your subject and even what video formats work best. Our in house team will produce professional cinema quality keyed footage and integrate them with your desired motion graphics or VFX. Separate yourself from the competition with a professional green screen video that complements your business branding.


When utilizing a green screen, you are no longer limited to filming in your office, but instead, it allows our production crews to be adaptable in dealing with clients that may require multiple days of shooting at various locations. It also provides a level of consistency between each location shoot.

If you’re unable to come to our studio, we offer the convenience of bringing the green screen to you. Our portable green screen set up is quick and efficient, allowing us to bring the equipment and production crew to you. This also helps us avoid time and expenses in scouting for colorful background elements that are searched for while on location.

Filming in front of a green screen offers the benefit of choosing your own background which can vary in nature by including video clips, photographs, text, a virtual world or some form of motion graphics. Motion Graphics (VFX) are graphics that use video footage and/or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. This type of production is very powerful since it combines both visual and auditory stimuli while explaining a single idea or process to your engaged audience.

Green screen videos are a great way to incorporate your business’s branding by reaching out to your potential and current customers. An example of this is matching your video with your company’s branding elements including colors, textures, and logos. This will make your video stand out even more to your audience and help them identify with your products and services. Another benefit is that you can easily add or rebrand your logo and incorporate it into any component of your post-production ensuring a quick familiarity and brand awareness by your target markets.


After three decades of producing videos, Seacoast understands the importance of being a creative agency and telling your unique story. We also recognize the importance in maintaining the highest standards of shooting. That is why we shoot in high definition 1080p uncompressed video. This means that you get the highest possible quality from your footage from your shoot to post-production and publication. Our creative and experienced crew ensures that your subject matter blends seamlessly with your custom background and or motion graphics.

Seacoast studio is centrally located in San Diego. We use professional HD Cameras and lighting equipment to deliver your message in an engaging and compelling manner. Set up your green screen shoot today!

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