Settlement videos provide the court and opposing council an intimate glimpse of key case elements, and should expose with stark clarity, the facts, issues, and poignant personal tribulations which corroborate guilt, complicity, and the extent of damages for which defendants should be found liable.

Seacoast script-writing, editing, and professional narration tie together witness testimonials, expert witness opinions, documents, photos, video, and virtually any medium into a dynamic settlement video.

In personal injury or product liability cases, this may include accurate visual documentation of your client’s daily living experiences by way of short, day-in-the-Life segments, or time/motion studies. There is no better way to put the “fear of trial” into opposing council.

We maintain a close working relationship with the attorney throughout all phases of the production process, with opportunity for creative input and collaborative work. Our methods produce successful results and most cases (on order of 90%) will not go to trial when a settlement video is presented.

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