Video Testimonials and reviews have become important deciding factors during a consumer’s research on a new business or product. In fact, 78% of people choose a business based on peer referrals and only 14% of people chose business based on advertising (Cisco Research). Seacoast is experienced at putting together a professional testimonial video for your business that will separate you from the crowd.

Benefits of Testimonials


    Video testimonials are proof that your business can deliver. Most people are skeptical about buying from an unfamiliar business, but are more likely to purchase a product knowing that other consumers are behind it.


    Sharing testimonials on your social media pages can encourage engagement as people will want to share their own stories and can lead to more exposure.


    Testimonials can serve as a great tool for summarizing your company’s products, policies, and services.

Can’t I film the testimonial myself using my phone?

Even though the quality of some camera phones is quite impressive, it is important to remember that environmental factors can leave you with less than desirable results. You’re audio quality may suffer and the picture may be too dark if you don’t have adequate lighting. Your business’s first impression can determine whether a customer decides to use your services or buy your products and a poor testimonial video can be taken as a reflection of your business.  Let Seacoast’s experienced crew create a testimonial video for your business that will resonate with your consumers.

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