How can we organize and manage our exhibits more efficiently? What is the best way to make this comparison? How do I best preserve the details in this evidence photo?

With Seacoast on your trial team, you can focus on what’s most important…making your case!

Seacoast’s trial support and presentation team has been in the trenches with legal professionals for over 40 years. The assistance that we provide through the entire litigation process comes from years of working on every aspect of cases both large and small. If you’re an up and coming trial lawyer, we can be your guide to exploring all the technical possibilities that exist to help you present a winning argument. If you’re a seasoned trial attorney, Seacoast’s professionalism and expert technical support can minimize your concerns to help you stay focused on strategy and delivery.


We strive to consistently remain leaders at the cutting edge in litigation technology. Drawing upon years of experience in the legal community and at trial, we combine knowledge and expertise in the use of video and all media for forensic and demonstrative purposes.

Tailored to your needs, our consultation will include various methods and strategies of presenting evidence and exhibits for maximum visual and psychological impact. Our services include:

  • Database Management
  • Exhibit Conceptualization
  • Multimedia Production
  • Presentation Strategy
  • Presentation systems
  • Technology support
  • War Room Strategizing

Contact us to consult on the best way to document your evidence through video, multimedia, boards, trial support and hot seat presentation.


Seacoast’s trial presenters have the experience you can depend on for a successful presentation.  Countless hours in court have provided our technicians with the experience necessary to anticipate your needs. We will work with your team to plan your strategies and implementations for exhibits including side-by-side comparisons, custom annotations, call-outs and magnification, synced A/V transcripts, and integration of media from a wide variety of sources. In addition, we can create custom workbooks for opening and closing arguments or witness workbooks for impeachment purposes so that your exhibits are ordered and instantly available. At any time during trial, we can produce exhibit reports, barcodes, and blowbacks for efficient retrieval and reviewing of exhibits and clip designations.  Seacoast offers comprehensive presentation services with full-service support from start to finish.


Having a Seacoast trial technician on-site ensures that the right equipment for your specific presentation needs are in place and operational throughout the proceedings. Matching your needs with the right equipment ensures that your exhibits are displayed properly and are clearly visible throughout the courtroom. We work with your team to develop the best equipment layout for your specific trial needs, handling all your courtroom equipment from the basic setup and integration to large complex systems with multiple devices and monitors. Seacoast trial technicians will plan, implement, and operate your trial systems with seamless integration and professional expertise.


When you put a Seacoast trial presenter on your team, they are backed by the power of a full in-house multimedia production facility. We pride ourselves on the quality and persuasiveness of our graphics and animation in addition to offering the kind of fast turnaround necessary for litigation. Our artists are uniquely qualified with years of experience developing custom exhibits for use in trial and mediation. Seacoast also offers high quality audio and video or still photo enhancements to make sure you get the most from your exhibits. Truly discover an ocean of possibilities by utilizing Seacoast’s production team. Our media production capabilities include:

  • Standard and High Definition Video Production
  • Custom DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring, Flash Drive or SSD Archiving
  • Video and Audio Enhancement
  • Digital or “Synced” Video Transcripts
  • 3D Animated Re-constructions and Illustration
  • Motion Graphics/ 2D Animation
  • Graphic Design


Seacoast’s provides complete training services using Trial Director, the leader in trial presentation software, from InData (IPRO) Corporation. Learn from working technicians that have countless hours of experience working on cases both large and small. We provide educational assistance in the following areas:

  • Working with your trial team
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • Presentation Technique
  • Systems Integration
  • Database Management

We cater our program to your specific needs and skill level so if you are new to Trial Director or just need a refresher course; we will give you the training necessary to hit the ground running. We can also provide on-site technical support, overseeing your operations in trial and offering assistance for any questions you might have during your presentation. Present with confidence knowing that Seacoast is there to back you up!

You just finished delivering an amazing closing, substantiated with compelling and informative graphics and it all came together timed to perfection.You’re using Seacoast Multimedia, Inc. Discover an Ocean of Possibilities…

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