Mock jury presentations can be a useful tool for attorneys to prepare for trial by testing their case theories and strategies in front of a group of people who mimic the characteristics of the real jury. Using video in a mock jury presentation can enhance the effectiveness of the presentation and provide a more compelling case to the mock jury. Here are some tips for using video in your next mock jury presentation:

  1. Show a day in the life of the plaintiff: Create a video that shows the plaintiff’s daily routine before and after the injury or incident that led to the lawsuit. This can help the mock jury understand the impact of the injury on the plaintiff’s life and can make the case more relatable.
  2. Use animations or reenactments: Use animations or reenactments to show how the incident occurred and the sequence of events leading up to it. This can help the mock jury visualize the incident and better understand the plaintiff’s case.
  3. Depose key witnesses on video: If key witnesses are unavailable to appear in person for the mock jury presentation, consider deposing them on video. This can allow the mock jury to see and hear from the witnesses directly, and can help the attorneys better prepare for their testimony.
  4. Present expert testimony on video: If expert witnesses are involved in the case, consider presenting their testimony on video. This can be more effective than simply reading from a transcript, as the expert can explain complex concepts in a way that is easier to understand.
  5. Use exhibits to support the video: If possible, use exhibits such as photos, medical records, or other documents to support the video. This can provide additional context and evidence to the mock jury, and can strengthen the case.

Overall, using video in a mock jury presentation can be a valuable tool for attorneys to test their case theories and strategies. By using video to bring the case to life, attorneys can create a more compelling and persuasive presentation for the mock jury.

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