There are several reasons why video recording every deposition can be beneficial for a law firm, including:

  1. Capturing nonverbal cues: Video recording allows for the capture of nonverbal cues that may not be apparent from a written transcript. This can provide valuable context and insight into the deponent’s demeanor and credibility.
  2. Enhancing preparation: Video recordings can be used to prepare for trial and better understand the witness’s testimony. Lawyers can review the video and identify areas of strength and weakness in the deponent’s testimony.
  3. Providing evidence: Video recordings can be used as evidence in court to impeach a witness or support a motion.
  4. Saving time: Video recordings can save time and reduce costs associated with preparing written transcripts.
  5. Preserving the record: Video recordings provide a more complete record of the deposition, ensuring that important information is not lost or forgotten.
  6. Improving accuracy: Video recordings can help ensure that the transcript is accurate and complete, as lawyers can refer back to the recording to confirm details.

Overall, video recording depositions can provide valuable benefits for a law firm, including improved preparation, more accurate records, and enhanced evidence for trial.

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